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Revolutionary Reusable Diaper Booster - Daily Boost

Boosters add absorbency to your nappy. Our daily booster is a great everyday solution that performs well for nights and longer durations too.

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  • Boosters safely soak up leaks, protect little bottoms and stop a whole load of rubbish diapers being thrown away.
  • Our daily booster is a great everyday solution that performs well for nights and longer durations too.
  • Absorbent. Smart layers quickly draw in wetness and keep it away from skin.
  • Gentle. Made from soft and sustainable materials (OEKO-TEX® Standard 100).
  • Comfy. For day-to-day, nights and longer durations.
  • Lightweight. They won’t add extra bulk to bums.


What do boosters do?
Which one should I choose?
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Key Features
  • 3 boosters per pack
  • Resists leaks for longer
  • Made with bamboo
  • Super absorbent



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This clever super-soaker includes a combination of terry fabric made of bamboo and polyester fibers as well as polyester microfibre layers at the core. The bamboo outer layers reduce the chance of compression leaking, as bamboo keeps hold of liquid better than microfibre. The layer of microfibre between the bamboo terry layers quickly absorbs liquid and is protected from compression leaking by the surrounding bamboo terry layers.


Outer: 86% viscose from bamboo 14% polyester

Inner: 100% polyester

Dimensions: L33cm x W11cm

    • 1

      What do Boosters do?


      Simply put, boosters are a slim fabric pad that you slide into the inside pocket of your diaper. They allow you to control the absorbency of your diaper depending on your performance needs. Every baby is different and there are stages throughout their development where it might be handy to have a little more absorbency.

    • 2

      Why do boosters help?


      There are times when some additional absorbency can really help. If your baby is a heavy wetter then a booster will prevent leaks and help your baby stay comfortable. Baby boys can often benefit from a little more absorbency at the front of their diaper, and our flexi boost can be folded to suit. If you baby is starting to sleep through the night or if you are planning on a long car journey, that little extra boost to the diaper will work wonders.

    • 3

      Why are there different types of boosters?


      Each baby is different and there are stages throughout their development where it might be handy to have a little more absorbency. We have introduced 3 different types of boosters to give you the ability to choose the level of absorbency you require.

    • 4

      What are the three different boosters?


      Mini boost - our lightest booster provides a soft layer of day-to-day protection that won't add bulk to bums. The smart, absorbent layers of bamboo fabric quickly draws in wetness and keep it away from skin.

      Daily boost - a great everyday solution that performs well for nights and long journeys too. It's made from absorbent bamboo and quick drying microfibre.

      Flexi boost - this clever sidekick is not only made from highly absorbent hemp but it is also extra-long making it the most versatile booster in our range. Fold it into the diaper in the way that works for you; especially great for boys and front-sleepers.

    • 5

      Can boosters be stacked?


      YES! Combining boosters can be a great way to achieve the best level of performance and comfort for your baby. Just lay the booster together and slide them into the diaper pocket at the same time.

    • 6

      What are boosters made from?


      Thanks to their super-soaking abilities, natural materials such as cotton, hemp and bamboo make the best absorbers. Our range of three boosters include these three key materials.

    • 7

      How do you wash Boosters?


      Our Revolutionary boosters are easy to wash and quick to dry. Follow these simple steps to keep them in relovable condition! Store your boosters for up to 3 days at most and when wash day arrives, empty the contents of your Stay at home wet bag into the washing machine drum. Wash your boosters along with your diapers. For an economical and planet-friendly wash, it’s best to always do full loads but make sure you don't overload your washing machine. Filling your machine to around ¾ full will ensure your diapers and boosters can wriggle around in the wash and get extra clean. We recommend washing your boosters at 104°F with non-biological laundry detergent. There's no need to use fabric softener when washing, as this can affect the absorbency. Add 3 tablespoons of Bright & mighty diaper cleanser to add a boost to your laundry and help tackle tough stains and odours. And finally, air dry your boosters either inside or outside whenever possible and away from direct heat. If necessary, our boosters can be tumble-dried on a low/cold setting.

    • 8

      How do I decide which booster to use?


      Our boosters are designed to be used and stacked in whichever way works best for you however we have pulled together some guidance to give you a head start.

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